UPDATE: No contact advisory lifted in Clark Lake

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JACKSON COUNTY, MI (WILX) -- A no contact order has been lifted Saturday afternoon.

A damaged sewage pipe has caused problems for homeowners along Clark Lake. (SOURCE: WILX).

Jackson County Health Department tells News 10 that the bacteria levels are back to normal and people can resume their activities in the lake.

On Thursday 4000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into southern Clark Lake.

On Friday, business owners along Clark Lake have a bit of a headache on their hands-- a damaged sewage pipe.

"Usually we get people in here by noon one o clock there ready to hit the beach and ready to have a good day but with the, everything going on it's been a little slow today," Elijah Newton from the Clark Lake Beach and Boat Club said.

Columbia Township told people on Thursday to stay out of the south side of the lake near the Q Lane until further notice.

"A line to the power line and they hit the sewage line and it overflowed through a drain into the lake," Carl Spaeth, homeowner on Clark Lake, said.

Spaeth said that township workers responded to the damage really quickly.

"I think they were responsive and got out here quickly and it sounds like they got it cut off pretty quickly which is good," Spaeth said.

Spaeth also said that his home didn't get too damaged.

"I'm glad nothing more was damaged, a little bit of extra fertilizer for my new lawn," Spaeth said.

Raw sewage is often filled with potentially dangerous bacteria like E.Coli. The "no contact" order won't be lifted until tests show bacteria levels are safe.

Consumers Energy and Brooklyn Village were out testing the water and will continue to test until it is safe to swim.

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