Cyclists ride in 10th annual ride of silence, remembering fallen riders

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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - A ride of reflection and memories when cyclists took to the streets, biking from MSU to the Capitol for the 10th annual ride of silence.

It's a somber trip as these cyclists ride to remember their loved ones who've either been killed or injured while biking.
"It's humbling,” Pete Zipple said. And it just reminds you of all of those people who've lost their lives or just got severely altered for the rest of their life because of broken backs, pelvises and all sorts of injuries. Head injuries. It's just very, very sad."

"The experience is powerful," Carol Prahinski said.

Some cyclists were given ribbons. Red means you've been injured while riding, like Mike Unsworth. He was struck by a car back in 2002.
"I blanked out before impact, woke up in an ambulance," Unsworth said. "Very hard to remember, I was pretty much in shock."

A black ribbon means you know someone who's died while cycling.
"I started riding this event because I had a friend that died,” Prahinski said. “He was killed when hit by a car. It was somebody I biked across the United States with."

Carol's been to all 10 of East Lansing's rides of silence. She says it's not just to remember, but to spread awareness.

"I want our congress people to protect our cyclists,” Prahinski said. “We have a right to the road."

Some of these cyclists are looking to get safe passing ordinances in cities throughout Mid-Michigan, giving them more room on the road. They're also looking to put a stop to cell phone use in cars.
They'll continue to fight for that... And remember the fallen.