Cyber Classrooms for Local Students

Published: Sep. 1, 2017 at 3:00 AM EDT
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News 10's Lora Painter heads into cyber space to find out how local students meet their educational needs online.

8th grader Naomi Cain is one of hundreds of local students who study at home and supplement their homeschooling with virtual lessons. Students connect with other students and their teachers through their computer screens.

Naomi Cain said, ""I feel like I'm learning more than I did in a regular school."

At an online school, Naomi said she can go at her own pace. There's a physical campus too-- offices in Okemos-- where teachers on on computer and guide their virtual classes.

Middle school teacher Leigh Faith said, "Not every student who goes to a public school and brick and mortar school gets the tailored curriculum that they get here. That also means the parents have a little more responsibility. But they know that they've got a teacher helping them along the way."

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