UPDATE: Crews prepare to work on 4' pothole

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - There's a large sinkhole just west of downtown on Jenison Street at the corner of Ionia.

It was set for a temporary fix on Wednesday July, 10.

The crater measures at about four-feet wide and two-feet deep.

Residents say it sprung up over the holiday weekend.

News Ten spoke to Lansing's public service director about the condition of the sinkhole.

"Barrels will stay in place because we don't want people driving over that, even if we have a metal plate there, that is not necessarily meant for folks to drive over," said Andy Kilpatrick.

On fixing the crater he added, "Anytime between maybe, a couple days or maybe a week or so, depending on if the city's able to do it, or based on the depth... We might have to have a contractor do that. They will do the permanent fix," he said.

He also added that the city was working on some of the peskier potholes in the area earlier on Wednesday, including one on Pine Street and Ottawa and another on Waverly.

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