Credit card skimmer found at gas station in Grand Ledge

Published: Jun. 30, 2016 at 8:32 AM EDT
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A new warning from local law enforcement agencies about credit card skimmers.

A credit card skimmer was found at a Mobil gas station in Grand Ledge Tuesday. Two more skimmers were found at stations in West Michigan.

Skimmers are devices placed by crooks inside a pump's credit card reader that can steal your credit card information. Dozens of the credit card skimmers have been removed from stations statewide.

The State of Michigan Department of Weights and Measures along with area law enforcement agencies are conducting random inspections on gas pumps all over Michigan. Two skimmers were found at gas stations in Grand Rapids and Jenison.

The third skimmer was found at a Mobil gas station in Grand Ledge near the westbound I-96 ramp and M-100.

The Ionia County Sheriff's Office warns drivers to monitor their bank accounts on a regular basis and report any questionable charges immediately. Drivers traveling for the holiday weekend should also pay attention to gas pumps. If you notice a pump that appears to have been tampered with, or you notice suspicious behavior at the pump, notify law enforcement right away.

The easiest way to avoid credit card skimmers is to pay inside instead of at the pump because there is no way to tell if a skimmer is inside the pump without opening it up.