Former patients of Larry Nassar testify in preliminary hearing on sexual assault charges

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MASON, Mich. (WILX) -- CLICK HERE FOR ALL LARRY NASSAR STORIES WARNING - the graphic nature of the testimony given in court may be difficult and disturbing to read.

UPDATE 5:15 PM - "Witness B"

After a short recess Witness B was called to the stand. Witness B had back pain because of gymnastics and saw multiple doctors, including Larry Nassar.

Witness B dealt with many injuries and saw Nassar. He gave her a treatment plan to stop gymnastics completely, and to return for more treatment.

She says that during the treatment Nassar would massage her back, bottom, and hamstrings. Witness B described when Nassar allegedly penetrated her, saying it was during "butt massages." She says during that time there was nothing covering her.

Witness B had similiar experiences to other witnesses, however, her testimony alleges Nassar put his thumb into her anus while penetrating her vagina.

When asked if Nassar ever gave her a gift, Witness B says he gave her a metallic green leotard. She says the gift made her feel confused, that their relationship wasn't one that would warrant a gift.

The first person Witness B told about her experience was a significant other when she was 16 years old.

Witness B says that her mother was always in the room during appointments with Nassar. Defense took issue with this, and said that Nassar blocked her mother from seeing what was going on with the penetration. Witness B was asked to draw the exam room. The drawing was submitted as exhibit A.

She agrees her pain level was dropping because of treatments. The treatments included physical therapy. The physical therapy treatments didn't include massages, or any penetration. Witness B says because of those treatments she was able to return to gymnastics.

Witness B was asked about her interaction with the Indy Star article with Rachel Denhollander. She says she felt the article was too close to what she had experienced.

Witness says she did research on medical procedures that involved penetration. Says, based on her research, those procedures were mostly used on older women. She believes her case is different because Nassar didn't ask for her permission, or her consent before the alleged penetration.

UPDATE 3:45 PM - "Witness E"

Court reconvened after a lunch recess and Witness E was called to testify.

The witness started taking gymnastics when she was two years old, and stopped when she was twelve. She was involved with Olympia Gymnastics in Sterling Heights, MI.

Witness A said she competed across the state and practiced between 12-18 hours every week. Over the course of her gymnastics career, she injured her elbow, foot, and her back. She said she hurt her elbow when she was eight years old, and probably ten or eleven years old when she hurt her foot and back. She saw multiple sports medicine doctors starting at the age of ten to treat these injuries, including Larry Nassar.

Teammates and coaches referred her to see Nassar to treat her injuries; she said "I knew he was the US gymnastics coach and the best doctor I could see in the gymnastics world."

Witness E first saw Nassar at the MSU Health Clinic. At her first appointment, she says he massaged her back, checked her core strength, looked at X-Rays, and gave her treatment plans. She says he told her to schedule another appointment in six months. She says she went to Nassar for treatment five times.

The witness said at her next appointment he checked her back for scoliosis, prescribed more exercises, and did more massages.
She says she was asked to change into baggy orange shorts during one of her appointments, similar to what "witness A" described.

Witness E then testified with a description of the first time she says Nassar penetrated her. She says there was a sheet or towel covering her during the appointment, and her father was in the room with her and Nassar.

She claimed Nassar moved the shorts she was told to wear and her underwear aside before penetrating her. She said he wasn't wearing any gloves.

She testified that Nassar asked her if it helped with the pain, and she told him yes. She went on to describe Nassar's use of tape for treatment. She said he put tape up her back starting at or near her rectum.

The prosecutor then asked the witness if Nassar had ever given her a gift. She said he gave her an Olympic pin before an appointment began. She testified "It made me feel special, in a way, like he had all these gymnasts and I was one of the ones he brought one back for."

Witness E said she told her father as they left the clinic that Nassar had "touched me weird," but said she didn't go into detail. She said she trusted that it was a medical treatment and that she shouldn't question it.

Witness E said she stopped going to see Nassar after she quit gymnastics. Years later, she got second opinions from doctors that contradicted the diagnoses that had come from Nassar.

She told the court when she first read a story about the accusations against Nassar, she couldn't read too much of them because it reminded her of her own experiences.

The defense then took the opportunity to question Witness E; they began by asking her about the other doctors she saw. She testified that she was in serious pain because of her back before seeing Nassar. The defense clarified that Nassar had diagnosed her with Sherman's disease when she first sought treatment, which affects affects growth plates and would continue to cause her back pain, and pointed to the diagnosis as Nassar's reasoning for continuing to see her every six months.

The witness told the defense she told Nassar that she felt better because she wanted him to stop what he was doing.

According to the witness, penetration by Nassar only happened at one appointment. She went back for treatment two more times after that.

She testified that her experience with other doctors and reading online accounts from other Nassar patients contributed to her sense that what Nassar did to her was wrong. The witness then answered other questions about how the Indy Star story on Nassar affected her belief that she had been sexually assaulted by Doctor Nassar.

Witness E says while she was in therapy at the age of seventeen, she told a therapist she had been sexually assaulted by an adult, but gave no specifics. (The witness later clarified in her testimony that she saw a therapist after she had already told the police that she had been assaulted, and she did not go back to that therapist again.)

The defense concluded their questions, and yielded to the prosecutor for further questioning of the witness.

Witness E said that the exercises Nassar gave her to do at home did make her feel a little better. The prosecutor clarified that none of the recommended exercises involved penetration.

The witness finished her testimony, saying ""I was young, I didn't think there was anything wrong with it, I trusted him."

UPDATE 11:20 AM - "Witness A"

The second witness, a 16-year-old girl, took the stand after a brief recess. The first questions establish that she started taking gymnastics at Twistars gymnastics club when she was five or six years old. She stopped going to gymnastics about two or three years ago.

She testified that she suffered a heel injury, back injuries, rib, and wrist injuries while competing at gymnastics meets. She said her family sent her to Nassar for treatment of those injuries; he was known through his association with Twistars.

She said she first went to see Nassar when she was nine or ten for a rib injury. She claims that no one was in the treatment room with her at the time she received treatment. She testified that while Nassar was massaging or treating her ribs he putting his hand underneath her leotard and touched her vagina.

Later, she went to the MSU health clinic with her father to get x-rays on her foot after another injury. She said Nassar instructed her to wear a boot for a heel injury. She claims he said there was a massage that he could do to relieve her pain. She testified Nassar told her father this massage would take a while and he could leave and work in the waiting room on his laptop.

She says Nassar then instructed her to change into what she described as baggy shorts. She thought the massage would be on her injured heel. She said Nassar was the only one to come back into the treatment room. The witness went on to say that Nassar massaged her upper thigh and "kind of before I knew it his fingers were in my vagina." She said at first Nassar was massaging her labia majora, but then inserted his fingers into her vagina, and testified "It hurt a lot. I thought what he was doing was right because he was a doctor."

The accuser went on to say that Nassar told her to say something if the treatment hurt, but she didn't want to say anything. She recalled that particular massage took place over 30-45 minutes. She said that she didn't know he was going to do it and she didn't tell her father at the time of the treatment.

Attorneys then asked her if she ever talked to other gymnasts about her treatments with Nassar. She responded that other athletes said he was "rather touchy."

The witness said she never told her parents about the treatments, and that Nassar never penetrated her while her mother was in the room during later appointments.

The accuser says her mother showed her the Indianapolis Star article in which Rachel Denhollander accused Nassar of similar experiences. After seeing the article, she started going to Small Talk, a Lansing child's advocate group where she talked about her experiences with Nassar.

The witness says she did go for treatment at Nassar's home once while accompanied by her mother. She testified that there was no penetration during that appointment.

When the witness talked about the effects of Nassar's treatment, she said there were nights where she would cry and cry because she didn't think anyone her age should experience what she went through. She went on to say she has been distanced herself from people because of her experiences with the betrayal of someone she trusted so much.

Witness number two said that another person also went to Doctor Nassar for treatment. She said that when they talked about Nassar's treatment, the other person claimed that Nassar had a visibly erect penis. At the time she said she still supported Nassar, telling the other person "That's just what happens."

"I still thought he was the best at what he did." The witness says it wasn't until September of 2016 that "everything clicked."

Defense attorney Shannon Smith then began to question the witness, starting with an effort to clarify some dates, including when the other person Witness A referred to began to see Nassar for treatment, and if the witness believed the penetration by Nassar was for a medical purpose. The witness said that she did believe the penetration was for medical treatment at the time the events occurred.

She says the turning point for her came about when she read the Indy Star article. She said, the other victim's experience "lined up with what happened to me. No gloves and vaginal penetration."

The attorney then revisited her earlier testimony about the first time she was treated at the MSU health clinic where she claimed she was penetrated by Nassar.

The alleged victim says Nassar was also massaging her thigh with his forearm while the penetration was happening. She said she does not remember if Nassar was describing the treatment to her as he touched her.

Witness A said she never questioned why Nassar didn't wear gloves as she alleged. She said she thinks that is part of why she believes it was an assault as opposed to a legitimate treatment.

When WItness A was asked if Nassar was a top doctor for gymnasts, she testified "Yes, if you're a gymnast, you knew who he was" describing him as "the go-to" for gymnastics doctors. She also said of Nassar "When I think of a doctor, I think of an authority figure or someone who holds power."

Witness A said there were appointments where there was no contact with her vaginal area during treatment.

She said that at the beginning of 2016 she saw a picture of a hand and had an anxiety attack. She began crying, but didn't know why.

At that point in the hearing, the defense ended their questioning of Witness A but the prosecutor had more questions for her.

The prosecutor asked her to clarify several points, asking her more questions about the treatment. The witness said "There is no doubt his finger went into my vagina," referring to Nassar's treatment. She said she was 11 years old, close to the time of her 12th birthday at the time of the first incident. She also told the prosecutor that she doesn't remember any occasion where penetration happened when her mother was in the room.

The prosecution completed their questioning of Witness D and the witness was dismissed. The court declared a recess for lunch until 1:30 PM. There are two more witnesses scheduled to testify during the hearing.

UPDATE 11:00 AM - "Witness D"

The first accuser is now testifying on the stand. Lawyers for the defense began with questions about her gymnastics career. The questions revolved around her training and when she began to compete. The woman says she trained as a gymnast for 3-4 hours every day. She testified that she began training when she was 10 or 11 years old, and began getting attention from colleges when she was 13 years old.

The woman said she sustained an injury while she was training or competing, and went to Larry Nassar for treatment after being referred to his practice by a coach. She said her mother was always present at her appointments with Nassar.

The appointments happened in July of 2016. The alleged victim testified that her injuries improved during the treatments. Treatments included stretching and changing in tape and suggestions for how to do those from home rather than coming in for appointments. The defense then questioned her about competing while injured and how high the stakes were during gymnastics meets. She testified that she did compete while injured many times.

In the spring of 2016, she sustained a hip injury. The injury happened right before nationals, which she described as the biggest meet of her career. She said her family may have reached out to Nassar for treatment so that she could compete.

The prosecutor then took over from the prosecutor, asking her specific questions about the procedures Doctor Nassar used during treatment. The prosecution asked if Nassar ever told her he would put un-gloved fingers into her vagina; the accuser says no one ever told her that would be part of her treatment plan.

She said that between 2015 and 2016, there was never anything outside of the ordinary about her medical treatments. She testified that when Nassar put his ungloved finger in her vagina that it made her feel uncomfortable.

UPDATE - 9:00 AM

Former MSU sports medicine doctor Larry Nassar is in court again for a preliminary hearing on charges that he molested young girls and gymnasts while treating them at his MSU clinic and at his home.

The judge will hear testimony from the girls and women who say Nassar sexually assaulted them. News 10's Christopher Lane is in court for the hearing and will provide updates throughout the day. WARNING - the subject matter of the accuser's testimony may be graphic and disturbing to read.


905/26/2017) - A court hearing is set to resume for a sports doctor charged with sexually assaulting young gymnasts.

A judge must decide if there's enough evidence to send Dr. Larry Nassar to trial in Ingham County. He's accused of molesting girls at his campus clinic and home basement. Four alleged victims could testify Friday. Judge Donald Allen Jr. heard from three on May 12.