Major roadwork still a ways away

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Drivers across Michigan are frustrated with the state of the roads.

"I think they're terrible," says Bethanne Jenks.

She navigates potholes too much, and she wants a fix.

"I feel like there should be some sort of money to go fix them," she says.

That money is on the way... slowly. But because of a lack of funding until this year, now close to half of Ingham county's roads are in "poor condition." That's common in counties across the state. But with increased funding starting this year through 2021, counties across the state will be able to put in significant work in coming years.

"I would think most county road agencies would think of this as a lifeline that was tossed," claims Bill Conklin of the Ingham County Road Commission.

This is the first year that lifeline will go to road commissions as each of the 83 across Michigan will get a roughly 25% bump in funding.

But it own't be until next year when it increases by another 25% that roads will get serious work.

"That'll be a 50% increase for us for 2018," explains Conklin, "that's when we'll really be able to get caught up on our maintenance and start to get more of our roads in good condition."

Conklin says right now only a quarter of the roads are in "good condition" and need no work, but it's the 50% that are in "poor condition" that bother drivers.

"When your whole small car can get gobbled up in one pothole, you know it's pretty bad," laughs Jenks.

But with major work still more than a year away, drivers will have to keep dodging potholes until then.