Could there be a meat shortage?

Published: May. 1, 2020 at 4:54 PM EDT
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The coronavirus has hit food packaging factories, worrying many that the impact will cause a food shortage.

Tyson Foods and other meat manufacturers are warning there could be a lower supply of meat in the coming weeks.

News 10 spoke with an expert at Michigan State University's Department of Agriculture to find out if we should brace for a supply issue.

Dr. Trey Malone said there's no need to worry and to start packing your fridge and freezer with meat.

"There is I think a fear but the more that people who are sitting on their couches back home panic, the more that there could be an issue, so it's important to just know that Michigan has this incredible food system that can provide (for residents)," Dr. Malone said.

He said while meat, in particular, most likely won't disappear from grocery store shelves, there may not be a great selection and you could have to pay more for it.

He suggests instead of panic-buying--keep an eye out for alternative types of proteins.

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