Could the dragonfly be Michigan's 'State Insect?'

The Green Darner Dragonfly could become Michigan's state insect. (Photo by Mike Ostrowski/
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LANSING, MI (WILX) - Does the State of Michigan need a state insect?

Representative Sarah Lightner has introduced a bill to do just that.

The 4-H Club of Springport reached out to Lightner, asking why Michigan doesn't have a state insect and suggesting there should be one.

They worked it out and came up with the Anax junius, the green darner dragonfly as their top choice.

“The kids wanted to come up with an insect that fit Michigan’s identity,” Lightner said. “Dragonflies are usually found around water and we’re the Great Lakes State, so we thought it was fitting.”

Lightner thought it was nice to see the young people get excited about government.

“This is a fun way to expose kids to the legislative process,” Lightner said. “I plan to keep the kids involved as the bill progresses so they can get a first-hand look at how government works.”

The bill to name the green darner dragonfly as the state insect is HB 4817 and has been referred to the House Government Operations Committee for consideration.

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