Coping with back to school stress

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The school year hasn't started yet for 8th grader Kellyn Douglas, but she's already stressing about getting good grades.

Kellyn Douglas told News 10's Clayton Cummins that's there's a lot of pressure to get good grades, "to be the best of the best."

Kellyn and many other middle schoolers like her are thinking ahead to college.

"I have to work like ten times as hard to, like go to high school and then I have to work extra, extra hard in high school to go to college."

Experts say back-to-school stress is common especially if kids are starting at a new school.

They recommend getting the lay of the land before the first day.

Dr. Jody Kussin is a clinical psychologist. She said, "It's great to do the week before, walk around, can you see where the cafeteria is. Most schools do open at least a week before for the teachers."

She added that it's important for kids to express their angst openly.

"Let them know they can handle it. You know they can. They've handled scary things before. Being scared is not going to kill them. Being scared and mastering it is gonna make them stronger."

Kellyn says she deals with stress by taking time for herself

"I like to just relax sometimes because overworking yourself is very bad for both you and your physical and emotional state."

Preparing to face whatever challenges come after that first school bell.

Kids should know that they aren't alone and that teachers feel anxiety before school starts too.