Construction begins on multi-million project

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Thursday marked the start of a multi-million dollar project in Lansing.

Map of M 99 construction. (Source: WILX).

The project is happening on MLK between Edgewood Boulevard and Victor Avenue in Lansing where a major trunk line is getting a new upgrade.

The right two lanes on MLK are currently closed off and during the construction process, one lane in each direction and a center left-turn lane will remain open.

This is part of the $4.6 million project to repave MLK because it is covered in potholes.

If you're concerned about how this is going to affect your commute, MDOT says they're working to make your drive as easy as possible.

"So like I said it's not really a capacity issue on this stretch of road so they should be able to get through the work just fine and we can get our work done. We're going to do the right two and then we'll switch to do the left two and finish up," Jason Early, construction engineer for Lansing TSE, said.

The project will last until Nov. 15 and drivers should expect to see crews working day and night.

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