SPECIAL REPORT PREVIEW: Confused about 401K? Get the basics of retirement investing

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Saving up for retirement can be tough. But one way to do it is with a 401k plan.

The problem? They can be a little confusing.

"Where do you even, what do you, who do you even talk to about that, you know?" Kaylee Kean said.

Kean just started a new job where she has access to a 401k but doesn't really know how to start it.

You might feel the way she does, and if so, you'd want to talk to somebody who can help, like a financial adviser.

"It can be confusing, until you know the facts," Michael Nordmann, a financial adviser says.

And you can learn the facts Thursday, February 9, in a special Financial Fitness February report: a 101 on 401k's.