Community applauds camera investment for Mason school buses

Published: Nov. 7, 2018 at 10:51 PM EST
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People in Mason are applauding the school district's plan to catch drivers putting children in danger.

Members of the school board have decided to buy cameras to install on the school bus stop arms.

News 10's Cryss Walker spoke to parents who say the cost is worth the investment.

“I would die for my kids”, said Josh Smith, a parent in the Mason community.

“Their safety is the utmost importance to me so they need to be safe.”

Smith shares the same love and care for his children as most parents do.

“There's so many worries, you know you worry about your kids”, mother Christa Paul explained.

Monday the school board unanimously passed a plan to install camera's to the school bus stop-arms, in effort to stop drivers from illegally passing the signs or catch them in the act.

“These kids are just innocent trying to go to school and then you get someone in a rush or not paying attention to the school bus and that's just awful”, Paul continued.

The camera systems will be equipped with facial recognition features

And the ability to read license plates.

The Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth says the violation carries a $210 fine and three points against your driver's license.

“It's certainly a way for us to reduce this impact to the community, hold people accountable for running school bus violations and hopefully lessen the amount of times that this happens on the daily basis”, the Sheriff said.

The camera systems will cost the district $50,000.

The funds for the upgrade will come from a 2017 school security bond.

The Mason School Board president says the cameras will be active next month.

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