Cleaning chemicals can place pets in danger

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(WILX) -- As you start to do your deep spring cleaning, a warning for pet owners, some of the products you may use to clean up after them are some of the most poisonous.

Photo: Dawn Arlotta / CDC

According to animal poison control, the most dangerous cleaning products include: rust removers, drain cleaners and calcium and lime removers.

Everything else from bleach to Swiffers can be used safely as long as you use them properly, most of the time these products instruct you to let the solutions fully dry before touching them, which is extra important for pets!

Monica Schmidt of The Houston Humane Society says, "if they start licking their paws, licking their hind legs or their front legs and ingesting those chemicals so if it's still wet their much, they're actually absorbing a lot more versus if it's completely dried."

A good recommendation is to lock your pets up while cleaning.

Experts also say to be extremely cautious about where you are keeping these products, making sure pets can not get to them.