Classmates help Jackson teen in wheelchair

JACKSON, MI. (WILX) -- A 15-year-old Jackson boy is now in a wheelchair after surgery and is facing some challenges, but its nothing his classmates can't help him with.

Aiden Signor has cerebral palsy and needed double leg surgery to help correct it.

While in the hospital his teacher and four classmates at Northwest High School in Blackman Township built him a ramp to make it easier getting in and out of his house.

Jessica Henry, Aiden's mom said, "It was stairs and he's a very large person. He is adult size, so getting him up the stairs with his legs like that was not going to happen without his dad throwing him over his shoulder and carrying him in."

Doctors said without it, he may never have walked again.

Cerebral Palsy is a condition that affects muscle movement.

Henry said that the faster he grows the harder it is for his muscles and tendons to keep up. "That is essentially what had happened," she said. "Everything had tightened up so much that the only way to correct it was surgery at that point."

She continued, "We don't want him to go backwards, and go downhill and be wheelchair bound. So, that is kind of why we had to do the surgery because he wouldn't be able to walk forever."

Signor and his family say they are so thankful for the ramp and although Signor will be out of his wheelchair soon he said he wants to keep the ramp.

Chris Henry said, "So, that was really good and we were just like 'wow,' we were in shock."

Lowe's Home Improvement was kind enough to partner with the school and donate the material to build the ramp.

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