Cheerleading approved as Olympic sport

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DELTA TWP., Mich. (WILX) - For anyone who doesn't think cheerleading is a sport, the International Olympic Committee disagrees.

Earlier this month, the committee voted to recognize cheerleading as an official Olympic sport.

This means we could see cheerleading at the games someday soon.

But, the vote makes cheerleading a provisional sport, the International Cheer Union will have to petition to become an official sport.

It could be a long road, but some local competitive cheerleaders and coaches say they couldn't be happier with this progress.

The Waverly High School Competitive Cheer team says the news from the Olympic Committee validates a lot of the hard work they do.

"I think we are athletes," says Senior Julia Wright, "we do just as much as other teams do."

The team practices for two hours, five days a week. These practices involve running, tumbling, weight lifting and more.

It's a long season made up of a lot of competitions, and some of the girls are even considering college scholarships for cheer.

"We're in the gym still like weight lifting, doing the same things as them, the same injuries," says senior Teaghan Thomas.

The provisional period for cheerleading will last three years. The International Cheer Union will receive $25,000 a year from the committee to build up their application.

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