Charlotte woman searching for her mystery hero

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CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WILX) -- A woman in Charlotte is looking for her mystery guardian angel after getting into a severe motorcycle accident.

The women helped save Judy Smith's life but never gave her name. Smith hopes that the woman will come forward after seeing this story.

On May 14th, Judy Smith's husband got the motorcycle of his dreams. The couple went for a ride at 9:30 PM on Flanders Rd when the unthinkable happened.

"I seen us blow through the deer. Right through it's back hind legs. Through his butt and all the way through it. I went flying off of the bike, and over his shoulders. My husband wrapped his arms around my waist and we barrel rolled about 4 times and I lost consciousness a little bit," Judy said.

She was bleeding profusely. Her husband called 9-1-1, but before an ambulance arrived, a stranger rushed to help.

"A nurse had stopped the bleeding and told the ambulance drivers all what to do. She said she was from Sparrow. She just got out of work."

Smith said it was fate the nurse ended up coming down Flanders Rd.

"They went to Meijer and she told her husband that they needed to go down Flanders. They hadn't gone down there in 6 to 10 years," Smith said.

Smith ended up breaking bones in her leg and foot and there are screws and plates holding her bones together.

"We're trying to figure out now which one of our 2000 nurses stepped up to the plate in the middle of the night and did the right thing. We've put some posts out on email. We're asking some questions. We're trying to figure who's this mystery guardian angel, said Alan Vierling, Chief Nursing Operator at Sparrow.

Judy is re-learning how to walk which is a challenge. She hopes to meet the person she credits for saving her life.

"When I arrived at the hospital, she'd seen me and wanted to make sure I was OK so it was really nice. Thank God for nurses and for her. She's kind of my guardian angel now and I definitely want to tell her thank you and I appreciate it."

Judy and her husband were wearing helmets which she also credits for saving their lives.

She still has several months of recovery ahead of her.

Judy said her nurse had brown hair, was middle-aged and said she was a surgical nurse.

We'll let you know if the two re-unite.