Charlotte woman reunites with mystery nurse who helped save her life

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CHARLOTTE, MI (WILX) -- Judy Smith of Charlotte wanted to thank the mystery nurse who saved her life.

Smith never got her name, but after her story aired on News 10 last week, the nurse who works at Sparrow Hospital came forward.

It was a reunion Wednesday morning that Smith had been hoping for since her terrifying motorcycle accident nearly two months ago.

"I saw a motorcycle in the ditch and before he [my husband] could even stop the car all the way, I had the door open and I was out and ran out the road," said Shoni Sharp, the nurse who helped stop Smith's bleeding until first responders arrived.

"I probably wouldn't be here if she wouldn't have got there cause I lost a lot of blood," Smith said.

Sharp happened to be at the right place at the right time as she usually doesn't travel Flanders Road that late at night. She had gotten dinner with her husband and then stopped in Charlotte to use the restroom.

"I just always believe God kind of plans things sometimes when I'm running late. I'm like, OK, maybe you wanted me to be late for, you know. Maybe I was going to end up in an accident or whatever. I think just all of those events leading up to me being there were delays until I could be with you to help you," Sharp said.

Sharp checked on Smith a day later at the hospital, but Smith didn't have a chance to tell her that she was grateful.

"I don't feel like a guardian angel. I feel like I was just in the right place at the right time. Doing what I hope anyone would do," Sharp said.

During her accident, Smith ended up breaking bones in her leg and foot. She has another surgery in about two months and her doctors say she's recovering well.