Parents witness improvement thanks to Galewood in Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE, MIch. (WILX)- Galewood Early Elementary School in Charlotte is re-opening with a new purpose after years of being closed down. It is focusing on early education and developmental kindergarten for the youngest students in the district. News 10's morning anchor Lora Painter spoke with parents and teachers about how this new school year is already changing their lives in positive ways.

Jasmine Garcia, a mother of a five year old starting school for the first time this year, said, "He's pointing out letters already and saying, 'Mommy can you teach me to read?' or 'I've learned this in class' and start singing songs and he's clapping his hands. So it's sbeen really nice ot see him come out of his shell like that this quickly."

The Charlotte School District closed Galewood as a traditional elementary school several years ago due to declining enrollment after seven decades of operation. But now, the district's superintendent said there is increasing demand and enrollment at the earlier grade levels, and Galewood is helping fill that need.