Charges dropped against ex-MSU student charged with CSC, attempted sexual assault, and kidnapping

Prosecutors say Aaron Gerard lured his victim into a dorm room with the promise of meeting a MSU football player. (Source WILX)
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EAST LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- The Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that former MSU student, Aaron Drevon Gerard, will not be charged.

Gerard was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, attempted sexual assault and kidnapping in November 2019.

The file was reviewed by the prosecutor’s office and charges were dropped as of Feb. 4, Scott Hughes said.

Gerard was accused of raping a man in his MSU dorm in Abbot Hall.

Prosecutors say that he lured his victim into the room with the promise of meeting a MSU football player.

Investigators say Gerard told the victim he was roommates with MSU Quarterback, Brian Lewerke and they say the promised meet-and-greet turned out to be the setup for an assault.

MSU Detective Kelly Johnson told a judge at a hearing in September 2019, that Aaron Gerard met the victim while walking home from a bar in April.

The accuser told police once they got to Gerard's dorm room in Abbott Hall, that Gerard locked the door and began kissing him.

MSU Detective Johnson testified that the victim told Gerard multiple times "No" and tried fighting him off for 20 minutes, and that Gerard told the victim he would have to perform a sex act if he wanted to leave.

The accuser said he did, and then ran out of the room, leaving behind his clothing according to the court records.

Gerard's attorney, Robert Easterly released the following statement:

"My client maintains his innocence and vehemently denies the allegations in this matter. The accusations were so surprisingly outlandish that Mr. Gerard voluntarily submitted to, and passed a polygraph examination….the results of which have been forwarded to the Ingham County Prosecutor’s office. Mr. Gerard has been wrongfully accused and is extremely upset about the impact this has had on his life, and the potential damage to his reputation and future. But we are also confident that as this case progresses, and the facts come to light, that he will be proved innocent of any and all wrongdoing."

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