Celebrity Chef joins Wilson Talent Center's zoom class

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine joined a zoom class with the Wilson Talent Center's Culinary Arts students.
Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine joined a zoom class with the Wilson Talent Center's Culinary Arts students.(WILX)
Published: May. 15, 2020 at 9:26 AM EDT
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In this edition of Schools Rule, WILX News 10 is highlighting a teacher going above and beyond to connect with his students while they move to virtual classes.

Chef Corbett Day is an Instructor for the Wilson Talent Center's Culinary Arts Program. Normally, his students would be whipping up their creations for competitions but with classes going virtual, that is not possible.

So, Chef Day knew he had to do something.

He invited Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine to join one of their Zoom classes.

"I knew he'd be straight up with the students when they asked the questions that they asked," explained Chef Day. "He was very generous about giving up some of his time to come on with us. I didn't think he'd be on as long as he was but he took the time to answer questions from each individual student about what their future was going to look like."

Chef Day has worked with Irvine before.

"I didn't believe it. I was shocked, Chef Day didn't tell any of us that he was going to be there," said Samuele Bradley of the Zoom experience. Bradley is a senior at Holt High School and a student in the Culinary Arts Program at the Wilson Talent Center. "I saw the name pop up and i was like, 'Oh, Robert Irvine, maybe it's a different Robert Irvine, not the Robert Irvine from 'Kitchen Impossible,'" Sameule laughed. "He hopped on and he was very down to earth. He was super real, he was genuine enough to have the concern to answer to make sure everyone of us was prepared to go into the food industry.

He genuinely cared about what we had to say and each of our questions. He took each question in depth and made sure that we understood, it was amazing. I can't describe it. He was amazing and such an inspiration because he was so down to earth."

Normally, right now, Chef Day's students would be competing for scholarship money and were even invited to compete at Disney.

"I'm focusing on my second year seniors who I've had for two years. I tell them, 'You guys are like my kids,'" Chef Day explained. "Not being able to be with them for the last three months has been super hard as an instructor. To not see them graduate, to not see the future successes that they're going to have, it's kind of a tear-jerker. I reached out to some of my friends at 'Food Network.'

"When I talked to him it was, 'Oh, okay you're being real, so this could be my future,"' explained Samuele.

Samuele says he plans to attend Johnson & Wales University in North Miami. He says he plans to pursue a career as an Event Coordinator or a Caterer, like his grandfather was.

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