Cedar Street near downtown Holt to undergo redevelopments

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HOLT, MI -- If you've driven along Cedar Street near Downtown Holt you may have noticed the traffic is a bit worse than usual.

That's because Delhi Township is preparing the area for significant road improvements.

The township is redeveloping about a mile stretch of Cedar Street. Eventually turning the four lanes down to three. The first step is replacing old gas lines.

"On top of that, we'll have a lot of new pedestrian amenities, sidewalks, benches. A lot of great things for people to see in the downtown," said
Todd Sneathen, an engineer on the project.

A man who owns a motel on Cedar - who didn't want to go on camera -
said people are avoiding driving through the area which is hurting his business.

At some times of day he said that driving can take a half-hour more than usual.

Sneathen said once the full project is complete, traffic will actually be better.

"It'll provide for better signalization. optimization and will ultimately reduce the wait times for vehicles at the different intersections, just because of the way we're configuring the street," Sneathen said.

After the bidding process is done, and a contractor is hired the project will start later this Spring and should be completed in the Fall.