"Cassie" the bird-like robot arrives at UofM

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A new two-legged robot has arrived at the University of Michigan.
And she's a rare bird.
Researchers say the bird-like "Cassie," which is capable of walking unassisted on rough and uneven terrain, has potential applications for search-and-rescue efforts and in the medical realm.
Cassie was built by Oregon-based Agility Robotics and purchased by Michigan researchers using grant money from the National Science Foundation and Toyota Research Institute. The robot's name is derived from the cassowary (KASS'-uh-WAIR'-ee), a flightless bird similar to an ostrich -- and has legs with backward-facing knees attached to a short torso that holds computers, batteries and motors.
Although other institutions also have a Cassie, Michigan Robotics director Jessy Grizzle says his team is excited to put its cutting-edge programming to the test.

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