Car seat checks happening in Jackson

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JACKSON, MI. (WILX) -- The city of Jackson is offering a chance for parents, grandparents and caregivers to get a free check and inspection of their child's car seat.

'Car Seats in South Central Michigan' hosting an event Saturday to car seat safety.

The city of Jackson is one of 13 counties state police have looked at to make sure car seat safety was a priority.

Nicole Ealensiefer, is an Emergency Medical Technician. She said, "At least 75 percent of the time, we find that people use car seats incorrectly, so that's a really high percentage and we want to lower that."

Car seat safety is one of the biggest concerns for first responders when they show up to an accident scene, because too often they respond to an accident where they find an improperly placed car seat.

Saturday, Car Seats in South Central Michigan will perform free car seat inspections for anyone that shows up during their event.

"If your child is in a qualifying program and if for some reason your car seat is expired or it's not the appropriate car seat for your child, they will offer you a free car seat."

Anyone in the Jackson community can come out to the event.

"We'll do a car seat check for anybody. If you need a free car seat you will have to belong to a qualifying program, " said Ealensiefer.

Those programs include Medicare, WIC, and other programs.

Jackson County Ambulance urges people to check the qualifications by going to 'Car Seats in South Central Michigan' Facebook page.

Mothers say the most frightening thing, especially in the winter is not knowing when the car seat buckles are too tight, or if they're too loose.

Melissa Wallick is a mom, she said, "Oh, it's very scary, and then you also have to worry about the whole rear-facing and front-facing and that stuff's really confusing."

Car seat technicians remind parents a way to stay safe is to always read manuals.

Local shops also say they're always around to help and answer questions.

Melissa Sherman, is a car seat technician. She said, "We're always here. We'll do free car seat checks. You don't have to buy a car seat to come here. Just give us a call or stop in." She works at Mother and Earth Boutique.

They're also offering free car seat checks for people who stop by or call ahead.

Saturday's event goes from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Jackson Community Ambulance will have four technicians on site, but still are encouraging you to come early because car seat checks typically take 30 minutes to complete.

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