Canadian town bans teens from trick-or-treating

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Is 16-years-old too old to put on a costume and go trick-or-treating? A town in New Brunswick, Canada thinks so.

A new ordinance in the town of Bathurst would ban anyone older than 16 from trick-or-treating and establish an 8pm curfew. Not only that, but anyone caught breaking the rules could be fined up to $200. The ordinance has already passed its first two readings and is expected to be finalized in early October.

The new rule is actually a revision of a law passed in 2005, which capped the trick-or-treating age at 14 and enforced at 7pm curfew, CBC reported. City spokesperson Luc Foulem told CBC the new law was made largely for the sake of older residents who are concerned about troublemakers on Halloween.

The deputy mayor of Bathurst has opposed the law, saying the city has overstepped its bounds by governing holiday traditions. Kim Chamberlain tells CBC she worries the curfew may prevent children whose parents work late from trick-or-treating, or that kids could be questioned by authorities while out celebrating.

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