Campus reacts to MSU tobacco ban

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Some non-smokers on MSU's campus are ecstatic about the looming tobacco ban.

"I think it's a great thing," says Benjamin Bixby. "The healthier we all are the better things will be."

And that's what the ban is trying to target: the communities health. Whether that's the campus' landscape or the health of students and faculty, the priority is well being. Which is why tobacco was banned as a whole.

"Even small measure of nicotine are not found o be safe or healthy for people," says Cathi Braunlich of the MSU tobacco-free task force. "The idea was to have it be a total ban... It makes it a little bit easier when there aren't exceptions."

It's tough to even find smokers on campus, and those that News 10 found didn't want to talk on camera, however, some say the ban will finally give them a reason to quit smoking. Which is part of why the tobacco free task force has put the ban in place.

"The way we're looking at this is from an education standpoint," says Braunlich.

They want people to know the harmful effects of tobacco, but not try to punish people for smoking on campus. Only repeat offenders will see any sort of consequence. But the school mostly wants tobacco users to take it off campus if they don't want to quit.

According to Bixby, "if you still want to smoke, then you can smoke off campus."

So far, the community has been responding well to the looming ban.

"Overall the reaction has been pretty quiet," says a pleased Braunlich, "it's definitely more positive than I think anyone on the task force had expected."

The ban will go into effect August 15, 2016, and applies to all property governed by the MSU Board of Trustees and includes the main campus ans well as any MSU sites across the state, nation, and world. The ban prohibits cigarettes and chewing tobacco, along with e-cigarettes and vaporizers. You can find out more about the ban by clicking the link that accompanies this story.

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