California man's jaw-dropping Air Jordan shoe collection

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REDWOOD CITY, CA (WILX) -- A California man has one of the largest collections of Nike Air Jordan shoes in the world.

Brad Hogan has enough Air Jordans to field over 65 basketball teams with five players on each team.

The Redwood City man has amassed 327 pairs over three decades.

It all started in 1985 with a pair of Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes when the Jordan 1 was released.

Hogan says he's never wore any of the shoes that now take up space in his garage.

The majority of Hogan's shoes are in his size -- 9 1/2.

However, since he had no plans to wear the shoes, he figured it didn't really matter what size he purchased. That is why he has a size 18 pair of gray retro sneakers, because it was the only pair available. His collection also includes a few pairs small enough they would only fit a child-sized NBA star.

Even though the shoes can be worth hundreds of dollars apiece, Hogan says he has no plans to sell them.