CMU shooting suspect had escaped from hospital before shooting

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. (WILX) UPDATE: The teen accused of killing his parents at Central Michigan University last week had escaped from an area hospital just hours before police say he shot his parents in his dorm room according to Isabella county dispatch recordings.

It was reported that James Eric Davis Jr. was hospitalized last Thursday after police said he wasn't making sense and was on drugs. This was around 1:30 in the morning.

According to dispatch audio, Davis escaped from the hospital around 3 a.m.

An officer located him and brought him back about 15 minutes later.

Later in the morning, Davis Junior was discharged into the care of his parents.

Police say he left his dorm room, went to the parking lot, grabbed a gun thought to be his father's, and came back to his dorm in Campbell Hall and killed his parents.

He was arrested after a 15-hour manhunt over the weekend.

A train conductor had called 911 when he spotted Davis Jr. in his underwear, hours after the shooting. Chris Bagwell, president of Great Lakes Central Railroad, says the crew wondered if he might try to jump on the train.

Davis Jr. was arraigned on two counts of open murder and one felony firearms charge on Tuesday from his hospital bed.
He had been recovering in the hospital for hypothermia all week but he's since been booked into the Isabella County Jail on murder charges.

He is being held on $1.25 million bond.

His next court date is scheduled for April 5th.

A funeral for Davis Jr.'s parents is set for Saturday in Broadview, Illinois.

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