Buses upgraded with new tech in Mason

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MASON, Mich. (WILX) - The Mason Public Schools have added new technology to their school bus fleet this year.

They've added 5 new International gasoline buses as part of the Capital Improvement Project.

A total of 7 Mason school buses are now equipped with video and audio systems, with the rest of the buses get upgraded this fall.

A press release from the school stated what the new technology that has been added to the buses is.

"The buses are equipped with Vulcan Series High-Definition 1080P Cameras by AngelTrax. Each bus has four cameras inside that feature a fully articulated lens casing, adjustable vertically, horizontally and 180 degrees in any direction at installation, to obtain the desired view of the vehicle's interior. The cameras are capable of capturing clear high-definition images day or night along with audio.
The buses are also equipped with an exterior driver's side Stop Arm camera. This camera is strategically placed below the stop arm of the bus to capture vehicles who violate the School Bus Stop Law which prohibits motorists from passing a bus when the red or amber warning lights are flashing."

They also have new equipment to assure no child is left on a bus.

"The buses are now equipped with a Leave No Student Behind Post Trip Inspection System. This alarm system ensures that the driver must check the interior front to back for children left on the bus before disarming the alarm which is located in the rear of the bus. If a driver does not do this, an alarm will sound and a second alarm will sound until the driver performs the post trip inspection."

Mason is making these upgrades as part of their Stronger, Smarter, Safer mantra with a goal to keep students and drivers safe.