Bus form delays cause headaches for school districts

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - There's more to getting kids on a school bus than just waiting at the bus stop. In order to make sure the bus shows up on the first day parents have to get some paperwork in on time, but one local districts says hundreds of parents are forgetting to follow through.

The Ingham Intermediate School District says many parents are actually waiting until classes start to sign their kids up for the bus. This problem is making bus schedules a nightmare. Every time a student is added the ISD has to figure out if there's an existing stop that works, if not the district has to add a new one. But every time the district adds a stop it changes the bus schedule by about five minutes, shifting pick up and drop off times for kids who were already signed up.

"School transportation is a complex business and so the quicker parents can get required forms back to the school district the better," Superintendent Scott Koenigsknecht said.

In past years the ISD says as many as 300 parents passed in bus forms on the first day. That's why the district is urging parents to get their paperwork in as soon as possible, but also warning them to be prepared just incase their child's bus schedule changes.