Boy hit by car makes miraculous recovery

A celebration was held at Sparrow Hospital honoring a 10-year-old and his miraculous recovery....
A celebration was held at Sparrow Hospital honoring a 10-year-old and his miraculous recovery. (Source: WILX) (WILX)
Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 4:53 PM EST
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A celebration was held at Sparrow Hospital honoring a 10-year-old and his miraculous recovery on Monday.

The boy was

and has since made amazing strides toward recovery.

Now, Brenden Scott seems just like a normal kid. He enjoys playing sports in his backyard and just being with his friends. But just one year ago, doctors weren't even sure he would survive.

"He came in with severe head injuries, severe facial injuries, and even worse, he was bleeding to death from his abdominal injuries," Dr. Stephen Guertin, a pediatric intensivist at Sparrow Hospital said.

In addition to that, both Scott's legs were broken and all the bleeding from his abdomen caused him to die on the table. CPR was performed on him for 30 minutes in order to save him.

"It's so's one of those things that you can try to understand, but unless you were there, and went through everything that happened that night, and really saw what was going on on that table and how many times he tried to die on us...and here he is. It's overwhelming," Monica Sinicropia, an operating nurse at Sparrow Hospital said.

Scott has come a long way from the accident on Hawley Road: from being in a wheel chair to seeing an endless amount of specialists, to undergoing dental work, but through it all, his family was there.

"In our unit, families are able to be at the bedside 24/7. In fact, they are allowed to sleep next to their child and without his family there, I don't know if he would have lived. But his family were there every single day," Guertin said.

"If he woke up--when he woke up, when he needed me I wanted to be there. He's my first born and my baby at the same time you know? I just couldn't leave him when he needed me," Jennifer Scott, Brenden's mother said.

It was truly a team effort from doctors and nurses, to his family, to the community and his classmates--who all had a common goal of making sure he was okay.

"He's had a lot of people praying for him, there for him, helping him and its just a lot. I'm very grateful, overwhelmed," Jennifer Scott added.

News 10's Megan Hiler asked Brenden Scott how he was feeling these days and his answer was simple.

"Happy. Better than I was," he said.

Scott is also Sparrow's Miracle Child this year. The hospital said he is an inspiration to others.

Monica Sinicropi--one of the nurses who helped save Brenden--told News 10 that her son and Brenden have become good friends.

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A year ago, Brenden Scott, then 9, was gravely injured when he was hit by an SUV on his family’s rural road. He suffered...

Posted by Sparrow Health System on Monday, December 9, 2019