'Bomb Cyclone' causes major damage

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Michigan wasn't the only state hit hard with severe weather on Thursday night.

Dozens of other states experienced tons of damage from the so-called "bomb cyclone."

Take a look at the attached video.

You'll see footage from the state of Kentucky where several tornadoes ripped through the state.

One ripped off the roof of a church and badly damaged a pre-school where about 40 children were inside.

All of the kids made it out safely.

Tornadoes were also spotted in central Alabama.

The Ohio and lower Mississippi valleys were also hit hard with showers, thunderstorms and damaging winds.

There was also major flooding in the Midwest where roads turned into rivers.

You can see video from Wisconsin where flood waters submerged gas pumps and streets.

The flooding was so bad that residents had to be rescued in some parts of the state.

Other states like Nebraska and South Dakota also saw major flooding from the storm.

The governor of Iowa issued a disaster proclamation due to the heavy flooding in that state.

This same storm brought blizzard like conditions to Colorado where drivers were stranded on the roads and power was knocked out.

Several parts in the state saw between 7 to 9 inches of snow from the storm. and wind gusts of up to 97 mph were recorded.