Blind Man Fills Pizza Boxes

(WILX) - Ricky Robles was able to see his entire life. However in his 40's he was diagnosed with glaucoma and became blind.

Finding work was challenging and Robles was making less money than before, even with a disability check.

"I didn't know how I was going to make my house payment. I thought I was going to lose my home. I thought I was going to lose my family, my wife, my kids", said Robles.

The State Commission For the Blind in Texas helped Robles adjust to his life and find work.

He was able to find work at Domino's folding pizza boxes.

"I had something to prove to myself. That I could still work. That I could still be productive", Robles said.

Robles works for almost 40 hours a week and folds up to 3,000 pizza boxes a day during his shifts.

"I like my job. I really do. It keeps me busy", said Robles.

Robles says he's grateful for the opportunity to work at Domino's and to his coworkers that have helped him.