Bikers warn people of grass clippings

Published: May. 15, 2019 at 5:27 PM EDT
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You may heard the expression "look twice, save a life" when it comes to motorcycles on the road. Now motorcycle riders are warning people about grass clippings in the road.

When a rider gets some of this loose grass (release grass from hand) stuck underneath their tires. It's like driving on ice with similar consequences.

"One wrong reaction and you can be down," said Steve Stockenauer, Capitol Harley-Davidson sales.

That's all because of grass clippings. Experts said the grass should never leave your yard.

"Blowing it out on the road you are basically just pushing your problems on somebody else," said Stockenauer

If a rider does drive up to grass it's important to maintain a steady speed and make no sudden movements.

One rider we talked with had another suggestion.

"Step off when it's safe and I'll actually talk to the person, if they are in fact blowing it into the street. And say hey I don't know if you know , I'm going to assume you don't, but just to let you know would you like to get on the back of my bike and ride through this and see what it feels like," said Leigha Faith, motorcycle rider.

There is no state law against blowing your grass clippings into the road for this motorcycle reason specifically. There are cities and townships around the state that have made it an ordinance against grass clippings in the road.

There is also a safety warning for people on bicycles. The annual Ride of Silence is happening right now to honor people killed in car-bike accidents. The ride goes from Michigan Statue University to the State Capitol.