Beware small items that may be tempting for kids

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NBC News (NBC) - Now that the gifts are all opened, News 10 wants to remind you about the safety of not leaving little objects out around your house and on the floor.

Objects like small toy parts, batteries, magnets, and even pins.

In this report, doctors say they're seeing a lot more cases of children putting small items in their ears and noses.

"Anything small enough to fit in the nose her ear we've seen it there before"

You might think your child would know better than to stick a button or a nickel or a screw in their ear, but it certainly happens.

Dr. Christopher Tebbit, Otolaryngologist said, "This poor little girl came in, she's four or five years old and for the last couple years she's been suffering from really bad breath. Turns out there was some rotting newspaper in the back of her nose and we pulled it out and you can actually see just a little bit of print and the date was two years prior, so it had been there for two years."

The consequences can be serious; an 11-year-old Cyprus boy was recently hospitalized after he put magnets in his nose.

A few years ago a story was covered about a 6-year-old South Carolina girl who had a pin stuck in her nose for 5 years.

Doctors thought it was just a sinus infection.

If you do suspect something is wrong, seek professional help right away.

"You certainly wouldn't want to be digging in there because if you push them to the eardrum you might cause hearing loss."