Battle on our Border

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RIO GRAND VALLEY, Texas (KWTX) -- Although we have borders here in Michigan, the Border Crisis isn't something we have to think about as much as they do in Texas.

The number of migrants caught along our southern border skyrocketed to more than 130,000 last month--which are numbers that have not been seen in more than a decade.

In the first of three reports, Tara Mergener heads to a popular drop off point on the Rio Grande to show why Border Patrol is sounding the alarm about the battle on our border.

"Mexico is right there," Super Carlos Ruiz, a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, said.

A young Mexican boy is spot who will warn smugglers if he sees Border Patrol Agents.

Ruiz explained why smugglers come to that specific location.

"First of all, no infrastructure. There is no access road for us to get down here safely. We are very remote in the middle of a national refuge. So it's very easy for them to come through here undetected," Ruiz said.

A smuggler spotted Ruiz from across the Mexican side of the river. He was waiting for Mergener and Ruiz to leave so that way he could send a raft across the river.

"We're being watched 24-7. They know when we're here so even though they don't have a raft of people to bring over right now they are constantly watching to make sure nobody crosses by themselves," Ruiz said.

Ruiz said the river was very dangerous.

"If that raft was to tip, people may drown," Ruiz said.

Across the river they taunt Agent Ruiz after managing to sneak over a load of people.

A migrant said he was told it would be better to come into the U.S. over the river instead of through a port of entry.

Ruiz said Border Patrol does not know the people trying to avoid apprehension.

"We do catch a lot of them, but we do not know what's getting away because our resources are strained," Ruiz said.

When asked how border patrol keeps doing what they're doing despite the spike in the number of migrants caught along the border, Ruiz said agents do this job for a reason.

"First of all most of us patrol agents do this job because we like this job, we love our job," Ruiz said.

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