Battle breaks out for WikiLeaks founder Assange's computers

Julian Assange - Wikileaks founder, Photo Date: 4/11/2019 / (Source: ZUMA / MGN)
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BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- Julian Assange is locked away in a London jail, but a new battle has broken out over what may contain some of the WikiLeaks founder's biggest secrets: his computers.

On Monday, judicial authorities from Ecuador inventoried the belongings and digital devices left behind at the London embassy following his expulsion last month from what had been his home the past seven years.

It's not known what devices authorities removed or what information they contain. But authorities said they were acting on a request by the U.S. prosecutors. That's led Assange's defenders to claim that Ecuador has undermined the most basic principles of asylum while denying the secret-spiller's right to prepare his defense.

WikiLeaks' editor in chief, Kristinn Hrafnsson, called the action "disgraceful" in an interview with The Associated Press.