Battle Creek spent $93,000 hosting Trump campaign rally

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 12:04 PM EST
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Battle Creek released to the public how much it spent hosting President Trump for a rally in December.

The City spent approximately $93,000 on the presidential campaign rally.

According to the city, over 95 percent of that money was spent on staffing.

The rally was staffed by members of the fire department, police department, city building maintenance, The Department of Public Works, Battle Creek Executive Airport at Kellogg Field, and Battle Creek Transit.

The amount spent on staffing does not include the amount of time and resources used by salaried staff to plan for the event.

The city said the other 5 percent of costs were spent on supplies to make the event possible and safe, like barricades and cinder blocks, city vehicles, and translation into Spanish and Burmese.

The total cost estimated by the city does not include the cost of using the venue.

The city does not have to pay to use the venue, since they own it, but does have to pay for operation.

"The presidential campaign signed a contract to hold the rally at the arena, and the arena’s costs totaled approximately $33,000. As with the city’s costs, the majority of that is for labor and equipment," the city said.

According to the city, the Kellogg Arena has submitted an invoice for payment to the campaign.

City administrators said they plan to submit a reimbursement request to the campaign, and other federal agencies.

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