Baby left at hospital with no visitors, adopted by nurse

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BRIGHTON, Mass. (WILX) - A pediatric nurse who cared for a premature baby that had no visitors in the hospital, is speaking out about how her dream of becoming a mother came true after she adopted the baby.

Liz Smith and her now-two-year-old daughter, Gisele, first crossed paths in 2016. Gisele was born premature to a mother who had used drugs and the baby struggled with health issues. Gisele was soon transferred for treatment to the hospital in Massachusetts where Liz Smith worked.

The child had no visitors at the hospital for several months.

But hospital staffers paid special attention to little Gisele, and one nurse asked Smith whether she had met her.

"A few of the nurses at Franciscan Children's approached me and said 'Liz, have you met Gisele?' I said 'No, why?" said Liz Smith. "They said she needs a medical foster home, and you two are the perfect pair. I said 'I don't know, I have never considered fostering or adoption.' A week later, literally, Gisele crossed my path in a stroller and we locked eyes. And that was it."

Gisele went to live with Smith in 2017, and after Massachusetts terminated the parental rights of Gisele's biological mom and dad, Smith formally adopted the girl last October.

Before Gisele, Smith had suffered from infertility and went through treatments that were unsuccessful.

Smith says Gisele's health is stable and continues to improve.