BACK TO SCHOOL: Teens could be pressured to try drugs

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Summer is almost over, which means kids are headed back to school.

And even if you think your child isn't into drugs, you might want to think again.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, half of the kids in grades 9-12 have tried marijuana, which means that even kids who haven't tried drugs might get curious this upcoming school year.

Courtlyn Clark was a student who tried drugs.

"It went from taking them to snorting them and, you know, I did that for a lot of years. I hid it from a lot of people. I still graduated top 10 in my class. I was on the honor roll, high honors."

Due to her in-school success, it wasn't always obvious that Clark was using.

"You know, I was apart of a lot of different things and a lot of committees and stuff like that, with this underlying problem that nobody knew about."

Drug Prevention Specialist Xavier Barron said that it's not uncommon for drug abuse to go unnoticed by loved ones.

"Why would they lie about that? They said they would be here or there. They said they would do this... things that are kind of funny that aren't adding up. Those are indicators that something that's not supposed to be happening is happening," Barron said.

With the new school year rapidly approaching, students are making new friends, which can make for a dangerous time with peer pressure and the idea to try something new.

Barron encourages parents to get involved in their children's lives at school and establish open communication with them and school administrators to help prevent drug use.

"You know, communicating with their teachers and really keeping a pulse on, also getting collateral information not just from your child but also from the administrators and the students there."

Clark agreed that communication is key.

"I would want parents to know, to be able to talk to their kids about it and make them feel as though they can come to them and not be afraid that they will get in trouble, because it is a serious problem."