BACK TO SCHOOL: Local teachers discuss school safety

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - News 10's Lora Painter sat down with a group of local educators from across mid-Michigan to talk about some tough topics our teens deal with everyday.

The first topic is school safety.

The panel of local teachers all shared a deep concern for keeping their students safe especially in light of recent school shootings across the country.

They share their fears and how they believe they can build a better campus community that could ultimately save lives.

Lisa Weise is a teacher at Holt High School and she said, "It's just sad to look out when you have these drills and see the kind of look on their faces especially if there's been a recent incident, that they're scared. And they're kids. they should just be able to go to school and not worry."

In this Special Report series the teachers also open up about students' mental health, the effects of social media, and impacts of students' schedules.

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