Avoiding rivalry game ticket scams

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The Spartans won't be the only ones travelling to Ann Arbor this weekend for the game, but tons of fans too.

And while they're hoping to see a great game, many are expecting to at least be able to see it from inside the stadium, but ticket scams could keep people out.

"People really need to watch out," warns Mikaela Higgins.

Higgins works with the Lansing Lugnuts and has seen tons of fake tickets. She says you should make sure you're getting tickets from places you know and trust.

"If you buy from a third party source, or even something like Craigslist--I see a lot of tickets come from Craigslist--it's obviously not a credible source and you can't get your money back, unfortunately," Higgins says.

Schools and teams will have a specific website they sell their tickets through. You can trust those.

But you should take a bit more caution with the ones you get elsewhere.

"People are so good at faking tickets these days that you can not tell the difference between a real ticket and a fake ticket until you get it scanned," describes Higgins.

That's why she suggests you call if you're skeptical and make sure everything checks out.

"I always make sure to call the venue to ask where I can buy credible tickets or can I directly from you guys or at the door?"