Auto industry reacts to being allowed to reopen soon

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Published: May. 7, 2020 at 11:20 PM EDT
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Anxious and excited. That's how some assembly line workers say they're feeling tonight now that the Governor has given automakers the green light to get back to work.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer's latest Executive Order allows auto workers to return to work on May 18th.

Molly Fitzgerald works as an assembler for Avancze a supplier for GM.

She says she's anxious to work again and see her coworkers.

"I can't wait to go back to work don't get me wrong this time off has been great, but I love my job I love what I do, I love our union and I just can't wait to be back to be with the people I work with cause over the years they become your family so it will be nice to see my second family at work," said Fitzgerald.

Migel Mejia also works for a supplier for GM, Woodbridge Groups.

He says he's more concerned about the spread of the virus.

"My main concern is going back to work," said Mejia.

"What's going to be a penalty for that is this virus expand and get worse are people - you know they say it could be in you for 2, 3 weeks and if we go back to work is going to come out again - is it going to be worse?" added Mejia.

Acting president of UAW Local 602 Steve Delaney says management is listening to all their employers' concerns and taking them into consideration.

He says there are other avenues for people to take if they don't feel comfortable coming back.

"If they just don't feel like it's safe to come back to work they can - everybody has to report back on Monday the 18th I want to make that clear," said Delaney.

"Then if they want to tell their boss - you know what I just don't feel safe I'm going to take the unpaid leave and go home," added Delaney.

When workers return, they will be greeted with some changes.

To see the full Executive Order click on this article,

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