Attorney General Sessions says USPS involved in fight against opioids

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Washington, D.C. (NBC) The man who will lead the Trump administration's fight against opioids plans to focus on what's being sent in the mail.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions talked about the painkiller fentanyl Friday. It can be 50 times more powerful than heroin. Most of it comes from China.

Sessions says the Justice Department and the U.S. Postal Service are going to work to cut off the supply. He said, "Fentanyl is the number one killer drug in America. More than 20,000 Americans died of overdoses involving fentanyl last year. One third of the deaths from overdose were fentanyl deaths. That wasn't happening 10 years ago. Nothing close to it. And deadly as it is, you can go online and order it through the mail."

The Attorney General says agents will also make a stronger effort to take down the international criminal organizations that push opioids across the border.

He also said building President Trump's border wall will help stop the flow of heroin from Mexico.