Attorney General Dana Nessel responds to call of U of M investigation

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. (WILX)
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. (WILX)(WILX)
Published: Mar. 5, 2020 at 5:48 PM EST
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The Attorney General held a round table in Lansing to explain what the next steps are to get University of Michigan victims justice.

" I can not and will not consider any request to investigate the University of Michigan without a binding commitment from the university to waive all privileges, including the attorney-client privilege and to fully corporate in any law enforcement investigations there might be," Dana Nessel, Attorney General said.

Attorney General Dana Nessel says she can't begin investigating the sexual abuse allegations at the University of Michigan until the university agrees to corporate fully.

She says if that happens, then the investigation will begin, but not without some hurdles.

"The perpetrator here has been deceased for quite some time, I'm not saying that it wouldn't be challenging but it certainly something we could still do," The Attorney General said.

In a statement the University of Michigan sent to News 10, the school stated they have agreed to share their independent firm's report.

"If the university were to waive its privilege and fully corporate we would still require an appropriation from the legislature to fund our investigative efforts," The Attorney General said.

The Attorney General says her office has asked for the state House and Senate to approve a $1 million investment into the investigation. That's the same amount of additional funding used in the Larry Nassar investigation.

She says without it they wouldn't have the resources to move forward, but she's hoping for the chance to investigate.

"Even though I love the University of Michigan and they are my alma mater, I can assure you we would be completely objective in terms of any investigation into this and if anything I want my university to be the best it can be and that mean to be a university that we can sen our sons and our daughters," Dana Nessel, Attorney General said.

Nessel says her office has learned a "significant lesson" from its investigation of Michigan State University by allowing the university to uphold attorney-client privilege which she says denied abuse survivors of any sense of closure.

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