Attorney General Says No Person or Department is off Limits at MSU

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LANSING, MI. (WILX) - The Michigan Attorney General's office announcing today at a press conference, they will open an investigation into Michigan State University, over systemic issues with sexual misconduct. News Ten's Marcus Dash was there and followed the story.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette made no bones about his displeasure with the systematic failures at MSU when it comes to dealing with sexual misconduct.

He even went as far as saying no person or department will be off limits when it comes to this investigation. He made reference to the school's lack of transparency in regards to their own investigations. He said by the end of this investigation, there will be a report that will be public for all to read.

"We are going to put a bright light, we will put a bright light at every corner of the University," said Schuette.

That was one of the many vows Schuette made to the survivors of Larry Nassar.
Stating the ultimate goal in putting this investigative team together is to get to the bottom of who at MSU failed each one of the survivors.

Schuette said, "who knew what and when? Who failed to take action? What did or did not happen and what should have happened?"

Schuette also seemed unimpressed with the MSU Board of Trustees,
when he mentioned the letter they wrote him asking for his office to investigate the school's handling of sexual misconduct.

"I don't need advice from the Board of Trustees at MSU about how to conduct an investigation, frankly they should be the last ones to be providing advice," said Schuette.

A face that MSU will be seeing often during the investigation will be former Kent County prosecutor William Forsyth.
He is assigned to be the lead investigator and will be looking into:

-Who exactly at MSU knew what Larry Nassar was doing to his patients for twenty years..
-What actions were or weren't taken upon knowing this.

"I can't promise that everybody is going to be satisfied with our report and what we find but I can promise you we are going to work extremely hard at our task and you'll get our best effort," said Forsyth.

Forsyth went on to say they will try and get the investigation done as fast as possible leaving no stone un-turned. He quoted the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden by saying, "we will be quick, but we wont hurry."