Arrest witness says Meijer staff told her to stop recording

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - A Lansing woman says employees at Meijer tried to stop her from recording an arrest at the store where a man was tased.

She told News 10's Cryss Walker the staff tried to block her view and she wants to know why.

Lansing resident Betsey Riley says her Thursday afternoon stop at Meijer on the south-side was all but pleasant.

“Lansing Police officers surrounded him, pulled a taser on him, used a choke-hold technique to pull him to the ground and then ultimately escorted him from the building,” Riley said.

The witness captured video of the arrest when the commotion started to unfold.

She claims she was told by staff not to record.

“I was told repeatedly to put my phone down and stop filming by a Meijer employee,” she continued.

“The same Meijer employee asked a man, who I don't know his affiliation, but a large beefy man to stand in front of me with the expressed purpose of blocking my ability to film that.”

Lansing Police say the 46-year-old man seen on-camera is banned from the location.

When officers responded to the trespassing call they asked him to leave but he refused.

Police is telling News 10 Meijer security told dispatch that the shopper is known to steal items and switch price tags on products.

“There are approximately 10 police officers escorting him,” Riley explained.

“Why did you use 10 police officers when two would have done just fine?”

Riley is defending the man saying she saw the whole incident and believes the force didn't fit the offense.

“It mattered that this man was black,” she said.

“It mattered that he was big and I think that they treated him in a way that is consistent with the national narrative on how the police are treating people of color.”

The 46-year-old man is behind bars facing trespassing and resisting arrest charges.

We reached out to Meijer for comment.

We're still waiting on a call back.

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