Apartment complexes fight with city of Lansing

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LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- Two apartment complexes are fighting back after being pink-tagged by the City of Lansing.

News 10 confronts a man who says he was told to scrape off pink tags that were posted by the City of Lansing on buildings at Capitol Village Apartments.

A News 10 viewer said that they saw someone scraping the pink tags off of their windows.

When we heard, we went to see what was happening.

We asked someone we saw scraping the tags off who they worked for – you can watch the interaction with them in the video above.

They said they worked for management, but would not comment any further.

The pink tags clearly state no one but the city can remove them until compliance has been met.

The penalty for doing so is up to $500 per tag removed.

But it's not stopping Autumn Ridge or Capitol Village.

Residents opened their doors to a notice from Capitol Village demanding their rent.

But once the units are pink-tagged, the demands mean nothing.

"When a pink tag goes on it means the landlord can no longer lease out any vacant units," said Lansing Mayor Andy Schor.

The landlords can’t get their money until compliance with the City of Lansing is met.

Lansing Code Compliance Manager Scott Sanford told News 10 that they will most likely issue one fine for every building that has missing tags.

Both Autumn Ridge and Capitol Village sent a statement to News 10 saying they "find it irresponsible for them to leave misleading notices” on their buildings.

They added that they hope the city retracts their notice.

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