Anti-Bark noisemaker affecting teens

TULSA, Ok. (WILX) -- An Oklahoma family is fed up this morning with a high-pitch noise that's been coming from their neighbors.

It's being blamed on a ultrasonic bark deterrent.

It creates sounds that only dogs and young kids can hear.

A Tulsa family found out their neighbor had one by looking up the box online after seeing it in their neighbors window.

They say the bark deterrent isn't affecting their dogs, it's affecting their children, who are in their teens and twenties, and their granddaughter.

"Every time our adult children come home for birthdays or just weekends, we go out to sit at the table, all of them are very annoyed by the sound. We can't enjoy being out there and it cycles, the sound comes off and on, so you can't get used to it, it's just very hurtful for them," said Tulsa Resident Sandra Bryant.

Tulsa police say there isn't an ordinance or state law that prohibits someone from using one of those noise generators, but after talking with the family and listening to their concerns the neighbor finally agreed to turn it off.