Amish community mourns after tragic buggy accident

 The Amish community is mourning after a tragic buggy accident Wednesday (Source: WILX).
The Amish community is mourning after a tragic buggy accident Wednesday (Source: WILX). (WILX)
Published: Sep. 19, 2019 at 5:44 PM EDT
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The Amish community is mourning after a local family lost three children

in a fatal buggy crash. The only survivor, a 6-year-old boy, is currently at Sparrow Hospital and is in stable condition.

Vermontville may be a small town, but the community has a huge heart and they are all coming together to help this family during this tragic time, and there's somber feeling in the air throughout the town as the community mourns the loss of three children.

"I have no words," Natalie Sharpes, a family friend, said through tears.

Sharpes is a former Vermontville resident and driver for the Amish community. She is still in shock after hearing the news of the horse and buggy accident.

"Serial and unimaginable. When my sister called me yesterday afternoon with the location, something in me knew," Sharpes said.

The feeling is shared by Tamara Noe, a Vermontville resident, who talks to the Amish community everyday.

"It's still very surreal, we are all still in shock," Noe said.

Although there is emptiness in the air, social media pages are full as many are asking how they can help the family.

"People want to help, it's compassion that's in them," Noe said. "It's amazing that people are coming from all over to help the Amish community because they are amazing here, and loving, and they are always here to support us."

One person from Battle Creek even stopped by Precision Tool in Vermontville Thursday morning to donate to the family, giving Noe a reason to smile despite the circumstances.

"It goes around quickly, the community is very connected and they all care," Noe said.

Those closest to the family say food and money are much needed right now. Food to feed the family and the expected 1,000 people to attend the funeral, and money to cover the burial costs and medical bills.

"There's just never enough so when people donate then that is a great help," Noe said.

Precision Tool and local community members are collecting food that will be donated to the family. They are asking for comfort food, breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts brought in disposable containers. They are also asking for disposable cutlery.

They ask that no flowers be sent to the family.

Food can be donated to the family's home located at 5185 N. Ionia Road in Vermontville.

Food can also be donated to Precision Tools in Vermontville between 7 and 8:30 a.m.

If you would like to donate money to the family, you can put it in a card and mail it to the family's home at the above address.

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